Enter the recipient’s name at checkout. Choose to download a digital gift card, or come get a physical gift certificate at the store. Digital gift cards can be used online or in-store.

This gift card credit will be stored under the recipient’s name. You will enter this info in the notes at checkout.

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GIFT CARD: $50.00

This is a $50 gift credit. It will be stored under the name of your choice.

YOU MUST ENTER THE RECIPIENT’S NAME AT CHECKOUT! If we do not receive the name of the recipient, it will be stored under your name, the buyer. Gift credit can be used for all items and services, including repairs. Gift credit cannot be used for special orders or deposits. You can buy multiples to get the total you desire. For multiple recipients, please make separate purchases.


If you choose a digital gift card, you will download a certificate and receive an online code. The code will be gift50-lastname and “lastname” will be the last name of the recipient. This unique code will be confirmed via email after you complete the purchase. Digital Gift Cards can be used online or at the shop. Recipients with digital gift cards will simply use the code online, or if using at the store they will need to show a digital copy, email or print out.


Your recipient can use their physical gift card for any service or merchandise here at the Custom Sound repair shop. If you choose the physical certificate it cannot be used for online purchases, however. We will prepare a Custom Sound gift certificate with an envelope for you. This physical copy cannot be replaced once issued.

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Additional information

Digital Option

Digital gift credit can be used on the website or in the store. See details in the description.

Physical Option

If you choose the physical certificate, we will prepare it for you to give to your recipient. Physical gift cards can only be used in the store.


Gift credit can be used for any service or products currently available. Gift credit cannot be used for special orders or deposits.