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Have you ever had your instrument completely setup and customized to your individual playing style? The Custom Pro Guitar Setup will bring your instrument to a new level of playability and tonal response. Our modifications will enable your guitar to reach its fullest potential. When your guitar functions at its highest level, so will you. Our goal is to help you play better & enjoy your instrument more than ever before. Read about our setup process below.


We will send you a prepaid shipping label to send your guitar. This deposit is an estimate for the labor total and will be applied to your final bill. You can expect additional charges for materials, parts, and shipping. More details below.

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The Custom Pro Setup

Tired of fighting your guitar? Want to achieve the maximum potential from your instrument?

Our customized professional setup produces amazing improvements in tone and playability. Through meticulous detailing at every adjustment point, we customize the action setup to your individual playing style, making your guitar play smoother and sound better than you've ever experienced.

Guitar setups from the factory are rushed and not completely detailed. Instruments also shift over time, especially when new. Our Custom Pro Setup includes fine adjustments to the entire instrument, fret leveling and polishing, and fabrication of new parts like nuts and saddles for intonation corrections and tone enhancement. We set the neck relief, dress your frets perfectly, give it complete maintenance and conditioning, and so much more. Be sure to check the Additional Info tab above.


  • Perfect Fret Leveling & Profiling: leveled, beveled & polished frets for better action, intonation, note articulation, less fret noise, smoother feeling neck edges.
  • Intonation Correction & Adjustments: may include fabrication of a new bone saddle and nut, customized and cut for intonation enhancements specific to your instrument and hands. We even include saddle slot re-routing if necessary for better intonation placement at the bridge.
  • Perfect Action Setup for Your Playing Style: proper neck relief, action height, nut slot depths & spacing, and intonation sweetening for your individual playing style and preferences.
  • Full Servicing & Buffing: fretboard conditioning, buffing, cleaning, gear adjustments, oiling & minor touch-ups. Your guitar will come back looking as beautiful as it plays.

Check the Info tabs above for more details.

NOTE: This initial deposit will be applied to your final repair bill after materials and shipping are calculated. We require this deposit to send you our prepaid shipping label and start the process.
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Well pretty much open anyway!
It’s been a while. I’ve mostly been posting about this over at our other page @solsticeguitars … if you don’t follow us there go check it out!
For the last month we’ve been closed and working on our new space. I’ve leased an industrial building on the east side of town and we are setting up for a bigger repair operation and production of our custom guitars! 
Stay tuned for the grand opening announcement… 
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Go check out my other page @solsticeguitars for more updates. 
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Book your appointment for a free assessment, in-person or video chat… drop-off or ship safely with my repair by mail program. We’ll take care of your shipping arrangements. Go to for details. 
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Additional information

Acoustic Setup:

Complete seating of all frets, leveling and crown filing, fret polishing, fingerboard conditioning, new bone saddle and nut (if necessary,) intonation corrections, re-routing saddle placement (if necessary,) neck relief & truss rod adjustments, set action points, service & adjust tuners, new bridge pins (bone or rosewood,) polish & buff body, restring, tune. Other minor repairs may be included or added to this estimate, such as bridge plate repairs for proper ball-end string seating.

Classical Setup:

Complete seating of all frets, leveling and crown filing, fret polishing, fingerboard conditioning, new bone saddle and nut (if necessary,) intonation corrections, neck relief adjustments (if possible,) set and balance action points, service & adjust tuners, 12-hole tie block modification for increased break-angle & volume (if requested,) polish & buff body, restring, tune. Other minor repairs may be included in this estimate.

Electric Setup:

Complete seating of all frets, leveling and crown filing, edge beveling, polishing, fingerboard conditioning, new nut (if necessary,) intonation corrections, saddle adjustments, neck relief adjustments, set action points, service & adjust tuners, balance pickup outputs, clean electronics, replace components where necessary, polish & buff body, restring, tune. Other minor repairs may be included in this estimate, such as minor finish touch-ups, etc.

Turn Around:

After we receive your instrument, most setup work is completed within 3-4 weeks. Large repairs, restorations and reconstructions can take much longer.

Shipping Policy:

We will send you a prepaid shipping label. Shipments are fully insured both ways if you follow our instructions. A flat rate $90 shipping charge will show on your final bill, along with any materials and/or parts.


What happens after I make the deposit?

We will contact you within ONE business day for a consultation and then provide you with an estimate for the services. If you approve we will then send you a prepaid shipping label with instructions. Otherwise we will refund your deposit. If you need a box be sure to add the shipping box and chose the right size.

What if I decide not to send my guitar? 

If you decline after the consultation and quote, we will happily refund your deposit.

What is included in the quote?

This deposit is for the labor portion of the service only. It does not include strings, parts, or the shipping charge. We add a flat $90 shipping fee to help cover the cost of sending the guitar both ways. Your initial deposit gets applied to the final bill.

How do I pack my guitar safely?

You must have a hard case. You will also need some packing material and packing tape. Follow our provided instructions. All shipments are fully insured.

How long does this process take?

We’ll contact you again as soon as we get your instrument. Repairs generally take 3-4 weeks to complete after that.


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