Dr. Duck’s AxWax Oil & String Lube


Dr. Duck’s AxWax oil is one of our favorite products here at Solstice Guitars. We use it in our repair shop every day and on almost every instrument! We use it for many different things, from fingerboard cleaning and conditioning, to finish sanding, string lube, tuner oil, and much more. This stuff is magic!

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Dr. Duck’s AxWax Oil

Discover the ultimate organic cleaning oil, superb for condition fingerboards and polishing, this moisturizing formula is specially designed for various musical instruments, including guitars and all strings. We use it on a daily basis here at Solstice Guitars.

Dr. Duck’s AxWax is the best fingerboard oil and conditioner. This versatile solution can be used on the entire instrument, from fretboards to old finishes, it effectively lubes and restores strings, extending their lifespan. Trusted by professionals globally, it’s made in the United States with U.S. materials. But this formula doesn’t only prevent fret oxidation, it also cleans and lubricates various instrument components, from bridge saddles to tuning machines, acoustic bridges, nut slot lubricant, and more.

It acts as an unparalleled raw wood conditioner for fingerboards and bridges, making it a must-have for instrument protection in all climates. With a pleasant fragrance, it complements and enhances the natural beauty of your instrument, catering to both delicate and vintage finishes to modern instruments. Recognized globally as the safest and most effective musical instrument care solution, it stands out in its category.

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For luthiers and repair techs, it makes for an excellent lubricant to use instead of soap and water during wet sanding processes on finish buff outs.

Good For:

  • Electric guitars
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Nut & saddle lubricant
  • Acoustic bridge conditioning
  • Fingerboard cleaning and conditioning
  • Fret & string longevity
  • Lacquer & finish polish, conditioning, restoration