Humitar ONE Digital Humidifier by Music Nomad


This is the ultimate combo unit to keep your acoustic guitar at the perfect humidity level. The Humitar ONE is our favorite humidifier & hygrometer package for acoustic guitars. With an accurate digital readout, the housing also holds the specialized Music Nomad super sponge. More details below.

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Humitar ONE by Music Nomad

The Ultimate Digital Humidity Reader & Humidifier Package

Introducing an all-in-one solution and the perfect user-friendly acoustic guitar humidifier system. The unique sponge is the best mess-free option we’ve seen, and it’s our favorite humidifier here at Solstice Guitars. Paired with a digital humidity and temperature monitor, the unit also holds the the humidifier sponge in one package. The Humitar ONE by Music Nomad prioritizes simplicity, accuracy, and reliability.

40% – 45% Humidity is our recommendation for Arizona guitarists!

The cutting-edge Humid-i-Bar is an amazing reusable type of sponge. It efficiently retains a substantial amount of water, minimizing the need for constant refilling on your part. This is combined with the digital hygrometer, prioritizing your guitar and making sure it’s receiving optimal care.

Equipped with a precise sensor, the system monitors the environment inside the acoustic guitar sound box, providing real-time humidity and temperature readings on the LCD display. Gather data like the maximum and minimum humidity and temperatures over a particular time period. Then reset as needed.

Enjoy additional features, including a reminder for the desired humidity and temperature safe zone for your string instrument, a long-lasting battery, and the option to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.

This innovative solution ensures your guitar remains in top condition with minimal effort.