Original Humitar Guitar Humidifier by Music Nomad


The original “Humitar” soundhole humidifier by Music Nomad. This acoustic guitar hydration unit is one of our favorite choices. It has a convenient flip-top lid to let you easily check if the special sponge is wet or dry. Perfect for keeping your instrument at the ideal humidity level.

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Introducing an all-in-one solution and the perfect user-friendly acoustic guitar humidifier system. The unique sponge is the best mess-free option we’ve seen, and it’s our favorite humidifier here at Solstice Guitars.

This is one of our favorite easy-to-use acoustic guitar humidifiers. It comes with a special re-usable sponge that resists drips and holds a ton of water (10x its weight!) This humidifier safely releases moisture keeping your guitar safe from drying and cracking. Most importantly, it won’t leak regardless of how you store your guitar in its case (upright, flat, or on its side).

40%–45% Humidity is our recommendation for Arizona guitarists!

The cutting-edge Humid-i-Bar sponge is the core of this humidifier. It’s reusable, resists dripping, and efficiently retains a substantial amount of water, minimizing the need for constant refilling on your part. Just make sure the Humid-i-bar is not over saturated and you’re good to go.

FREE Solstice polish cloth with your purchase!